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Before we jump in a project, we’ll do a thorough research and preps in order to identify the main aspects, requirements and expectations of your request.

When, what, how ... The first step lies in analytics, because in a successful project, everything is backed up by data. We’ll talk about your project and get on board with the requirements. It’s important to define what your business goals are and how we can align with and cater to those expectations. The initial decision-making happens here. Key activities: Business analysis, IT analysis, Integration
To the drawing board Once we’re on the same page, we can proceed to outlining the solution’s architecture. Building a strong case behind the project requires good storytelling, bulletproof technology and outstanding design, software as well as visual. Key activities: Solution architecture, storyboarding, UX design (Applications, Cloud solutions, Custom development)
Explore & iterate More often than not, a seemingly ideal solution doesn’t fulfil expectations. So how do we actually find the proverbial grail? Test, analyze, rinse and repeat. The path to usability is hardly ever straightforward, so (a repeated) iterative approach is often necessary. At the end of the journey though, we’ll equip you with the best solution for your stakeholders and customers alike. Key activities: Automation, Performance tests, Functional testing, Penetration testing, Support / Aftercare
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