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Our code of conduct

Our code of conduct

Conflicts of interest occur when we prioritize personal, group, financial, or political interests over the interests of a company. Management and employees are responsible for avoiding or creating an impression that conflicts with their interests and those of DENEVY. There should be nothing to prevent your obligations to DENEVY, whether at work or elsewhere.
Sometimes while working, we encounter important non-public information about our company, clients or partners. The purchase or sale of the company's securities on the basis of such information is considered so-called "insider trading", in trading in securities based on the misuse of inside information. We may not buy or sell the securities of DENEVY or other companies on the basis of such non-public information. Furthermore, we must not provide such inside information to anyone else ("give someone a tip") for the purpose of their profit. This prohibition applies regardless of where we live or where the person receiving the information lives.

Information is considered non-public if it has not been communicated to the public in an appropriate manner. Examples of important non-public information (prior to appropriate public communication) are:

  • profits and other financial information;
  • changes in dividends;
  • changes in senior management;
  • significant events in regulated areas; mergers, acquisitions, sales and joint ventures; approval or rejection of a significant product;
  • the results of a clinical study (whether favorable or unfavorable) or a significant trial.
Antitrust and competition laws focus on ways to ensure companies compete on the basis of quality, price and service. These laws are called antitrust laws, restrictive laws, laws against unfair commercial practices, laws against unfair competition, price discrimination or cartel laws. In general, it serves to protect competition (and sometimes small competitors). Among other things, they prohibit fixed pricing agreements, market or customer sharing, participation in group boycotts, and efforts to gain or maintain a monopoly through activities other than merit-based competition.
It is important that we are recognized in the market as a company that acts ethically and fairly. We do not attempt to obtain our competitors’ information or information about them in illegal or dishonest ways. Therefore, the theft of inside information, possession of information that is subject to trade secrets and obtained without the owner's consent, or coercion of former or current employees of other companies to disclose such information is prohibited.
Corruption and bribery are prohibited. Neither we nor anyone representing us may offer or provide a bribe, illegal commission or other improper payment. Nor must we provide anything of value in order to gain business, improperly influence decisions, or gain an unfair business advantage - nor must we find ourselves in a situation where this might seem so.
All of our advertising activities in relation to clients aim to ensure the effective use of our products and improve the use of software. We use a wide range of communication channels to provide information. However, regardless of the methods used, the information must be provided in an accurate and appropriate manner.
We respect the right of the company's management and employees to participate in politics and engage in political activities of their choice. Many governments prohibit or regulate corporate monetary and non-monetary political contributions. Any proposed corporate contributions or policy activities should be reviewed and approved by DENEVY management.
DENEVY highly values the diverse origins, skills and abilities that employees from around the world bring to our business. We hire employees with a strong character and sound judgment, who we believe will act responsibly. Our goal is to support a diverse workforce and executives and to develop all the talent in the organization.
DENEVY takes care of the safety of its employees and carries out its activities in such a way as to maintain maximum safety and health protection for employees and the general public. We are constantly working to improve our safety performance by implementing a safety culture in workplaces around the world.
We are all responsible for a safe and healthy workplace and share its benefits.
We want to promote a work environment based on support and cooperation, where employees work together to meet the company's goals. We coordinate our resources in ways that benefit us as a whole. To support such cooperation within the organization, we provide support systems, organizational tools and procedures as well as the appropriate infrastructure.
Working with government agencies, their officials and employees (including locally owned, state or federal hospitals) and adhering to a wide range of complex health regulations is a common practice for many of us at DENEVY. In addition, we help civil servants in the countries in which we are active to understand our business. It is important for us to share our experiences and insights regarding public policy and regulatory issues that may affect the way we conduct our business.
We are convinced that our business is best served by responsible business conduct and adherence to our values, which apply regardless of the local culture or challenges that may stand in our way. We do business with individuals and organizations ("business partners") who share our commitment to high ethical standards and who conduct business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
Just as we value and protect our own internal information and trade secrets, we also have the principle of respecting the intellectual property rights of others. In our work, we may obtain sensitive or internal information from third parties (such as suppliers, customers or other business partners) that is confidential. We respect such information and keep it confidential.
Our goal is to provide timely, accurate and reliable information to media representatives, professionals and the public. To be clear and precise, we have identified specific functions and individuals who are responsible for communicating with media representatives, experts and the general public.
Social media are digital technologies and practices that allow people to create and share content, opinions, ideas, experiences and perspectives in various ways (such as blogs, social networks, and so on). DENEVY uses social media only for business purposes, while employees also use them for various personal purposes.
Our goal is to meet and exceed the requirements of customers and regulatory institutions regarding research, development, purchasing, production, packaging, testing, delivery, maintenance and marketing of our products and services. Quality means consistent fulfillment of requirements by timely provision of products and services of the highest quality.

However, it does not end with quality assurance. Our goal is also continuous improvement in development, production and delivery of products to our customers. We believe that daily emphasis on the quality of individual work will strengthen our company culture.
Company ownership and property, especially its intellectual property, are key drivers of our success. All employees must work to protect our patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other inside information and company know-how.

Confidential information includes, for example, sales, marketing and other corporate databases, intellectual property strategies and plans, marketing strategies and plans, pricing, sales information, non-public financial information, customer and employee records, production technology, research and technical data and information on new product development.
In the ordinary course of business, we may collect personal information from a variety of individuals, including employees, customers and other individuals with whom we do business. DENEVY collects and stores only such personal data that it reasonably needs to conduct business and implements measures to protect such information.
Our goal is to provide accurate, complete, impartial, timely and reliable information to regulators, shareholders, customers, healthcare professionals, journalists, financial analysts, brokers and the public. Our system of internal control over financial reporting and disclosures is designed to provide reasonable assurance that financial statements for external use will be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and represent the company's financial position fairly. We provide accurate and complete information about the state of DENEVY's business and finances.
Computer technology – hardware, software, networks and transmitted information - is essential to our business success and must be protected. Everyone who uses a computer is responsible for ensuring that these resources are used appropriately, safely, and for the intended business purposes. DENEVY may monitor or access communication systems to ensure integrity and protection against fraud and misuse. In addition, monitoring can be used to detect unauthorized access or use or use for non-corporate purposes.
We create, manage, store and dispose of our company records and information in accordance with DENEVY's policies.
In addition to our general commitment to improving the health of the world's population, we also support charities and goodwill organizations that benefit society.
We are also trying to give something back to the communities of which we are a part, and we provide support to communities in need. In addition, we are proud of the number of our employees who volunteer for the company, and we support them in many ways.
Although the primary way we contribute to a better world is our company's mission, our goal is also to protect the environment and animal welfare and to contribute to social progress in all our branches around the world. During the development, production and sale of our products, we constantly work to reduce the environmental impact of our processes. Our goal is to provide humane care and treatment to all laboratory animals.
DENEVY is committed to maintaining ethical practices at all of its sites around the world. Our responsibility in this area includes creating awareness and understanding of human rights, employment and working practices. By integrating these principles into strategies, policies and procedures and living according to our own values, DENEVY maintains the basic responsibilities of its employees in our environment and thus sets the steps towards long-term success.

DENEVY supports and respects the protection of internationally promoted human rights and strives to ensure that we do not participate in any violation of them. We also maintain the principle of freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective action, the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor and the effective elimination of child labor. Child labor is a form of abuse that is a violation of human rights and is interpreted and defined by international agreements. The international community has declared the elimination of child labor a declared principle, and almost all governments in the world have also committed themselves to this.
We want to be considered a company in which we all act in accordance with our values and principles. In this way, we gain the trust of stakeholders - employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, regulators and neighbors in the communities in which we are active.

The Code of Conduct applies to all members of the management and employees of DENEVY, its subsidiaries and controlled subsidiaries. In addition, DENEVY also expects its business partners to meet the standards set forth in this Code.

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